Sunday, March 19, 2017

*Polar Bear* Collections


Drawstring Bag
1.  interfacing.
2. Use only excellent quality of stabilizers.
3. Taiwan PU Strings in coffee color for securing the bag.
4. 20cm long YKK balldrop metal zip available inside the bag.
5. PU Leather Sling handle and it is adjustable
6. Made by coffee theme thick cotton and canvas cotton brought all the way from Taiwan.
7. 2 opened pocket inside the bag.
8. Magnet button as closure.
9. Measurement around 30cm x 26cm x 14cm

Round Sling Bag:


1. Fully interfacing and stabilising.
2. Made with Japan linen cotton, inner as quilted cotton.
3. 30cm long YKK balldrop zips as closure.
4. 1 opened pockets inside.
5. 1 15cm YKK ball drop metal zip inside.
6. PU leather sling handle in light brown color, with matching PU leather lining.
7. Measurement around 21cm x 21cm x 7cm

8. Price RM160 (Postage included within Malaysia)

Name Card Holder:

1. Fully interfacing.
2. Fully batting.
3. Made with linen cotton.
4. PU leather snap button as closure.
5. Card holder inside, with 20 slots.
6. Measurement: 12cm x 8.5cm (folded)

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