Tuesday, February 23, 2016

*Brownie Ducks* Drawstring Tote Bag

*New Design*


1. Fully interfacing and stabilising.
2. Made by imported Korea cotton in excellent quality.
3. The side strings can be tied and turning the bag into a cute little handbag (Please refer to the below picture)
4. Cotton webbing as handles.
5. 2 big pockets inside the bag that secure with snap buttons,
6. Measurement: around 25cm(base) x 21cm (height) x 10cm(width)

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1. Facebook messaging Email to bebehandmadestore@hotmail.com3. Fill in the form at the right side of the blog **Let Me Hear You** and Bebe will get back to you soon!

Have fun


Bebe Handmade Store.

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