Saturday, February 8, 2014

*Vintage Plaid Life Style* Compartment Sling Bag

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Very pleasure to meet a friend across the borders, all the way from USA in a car club.
He wanted to give his wife something special and therefore,
Bebe is very lucky to have this chance as becoming his meaningful gift to his lovely wife.

1) Fully interfacing with excellent quality of stabilizer.
2) 4 opened pocket inside the bag
3) 1 premium 20cm long YKK metal ball drop zip pocket at the center of the bag.
4) 1 big front pocket.
5) PU leather adjustable sling handle
6) 1 Leather magnet button. (adjustable)
7) Metal hooks for 2 sides. 

8) Made with beautiful linen cotton, inner as cotton.
9) Measurement around  21cm (long) x 16.5cm (height) x 6cm (weight) 

Details photos as below:

I hope they enjoying the bag !

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Have fun!

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