Saturday, August 10, 2013

The ANGEL set


A very nice and vintage linen cotton, made it as a set, with tote bag, hand clutch, and key pouch!


1. fully interfacing.
2. excellent quality of stabilizer.
3. 1 Ykk ball drop metal zip (nice quality) 20cm inside.
4. 5 opened big pockets inside.
5. extra center zip compartment with 30cm long YKK metal ball drop zip in excellent quality.
6. PU leather handle, adjustable
7. Magnet button in bronze color.
8. very large storage.

9. Measurement : around 31cm(base) x 30cm(height) x 11cm (width) x 42cm(up side)


==Hand Clutch==
1. fully interfacing.
2. 3 compartments available inside the clutch.
3. 3 card slots available inside the clutch.
4. Made with linen cotton and cotton as well.
5. 18cm long YKK ball drop zip with excellent quality available inside the bag.
6. Secure with lock button.
7. Comes together with a matching PU leather straps.

8. Measurement: 19cm x11.5cm x 4cm

6 hooks available, with one eyelet for easy carrying purposes.

Get them in a set with special price!
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