Saturday, January 12, 2013

Travel life Compartment Sling Bag


 Made by linen cotton, inner as cotton.
Measurement; 21cm x 15cm x 5cm
Perfect for a tea time, that dont wish to carry a big bag!

1. fully interfacing.
2. 3 compartments available inside the clutch.
3. 3 card slots available inside the clutch.
4. Made with linen cotton outside, but cotton inside.
5. 20cm long YKK ball drop zip with excellent quaity available inside the bag.
6. Secure with bronze magnet button.
7. Comes together with a sling hanlde and decorative pendants.

Inner with 20cm long YKK balldrop metal zip.

Magnet button as closure.


Bronze metal hooks.

Clock pendant as decorative.

 Please leave bebe a message if you have any further inquiries.
Thank you


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