Sunday, December 16, 2012

Music Series Smart Phone Pouches

Smart phone pouches is here again!
I know its been a while i did not made phone pouch, please forgive me, but here i am, i made 3 of them, hope you will like each one of them :)

There are 3 colors available, wash red, vintage blue and vintage cocoa.
Very nice colors indeed, matching with the music panel fabrics.

Fully stabilizing and batting, outer made by linen cotton, inner made by cotton.
Compatible with PU leather snap button, and an extra back pocket behind the pouch.

Wash red:

Vintage Blue:

Vintage Cocoa:

Measurement: around 15cm x 8.5cm x 1cm
It can fits majority smart phone, as long as  your phone measurement is smaller than the measurement above.

PU leather Snap button are in coffee(vintage blue and vintage cocoa) and beige color. (only for wash red)

If you needed any assistance, please contact Bebe:
Or leave me a message in Facebook

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