Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sue's Garden Ipad Sling Pouch

==Custom Made==

Another custom order sling bag special design for Ipad.
Falling in love with this matches!
Both made by original imported Korean Linen Cotton, inner part as cotton.

Front view:

Comes together with the hooks, you can take it out when u dont needed it.

Light brown color sling handle.

It comes together with a fabric straps, and a decoration pendants!

A Big front pocket available as well.

Using magnet button as closure.

Inner view, fully batting and stabilizing.
An extra pocket available inside as well like requested.

Measurement: around 26.5cm x 21cm x 3cm
Using both side batting inside to protect your Ipad.

If you needed any assistance, please contact Bebe:
or Facebook Bebe!  

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