Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stamping Fairy Drawstring Sling Bag

Status: SOLD OUT

This is my very first drawstring sling bag!
Many customers come to approach me and hoping that i can made more sling bags actually, not to be so worry, i will try my best to handmade more, in case you have not get any Bebe Handmade previously, please do keep visiting me either blog or Facebook fan page.

Okay, lets have a tour of this lovely drawstring sling bag:

1.Fully interfacing.
2. Use only excellent quality of stabilizers.
3. Wax Strings for securing the bag.
4. An extra group of snap button.
5. PU Leather Sling handle in brown color, and it is adjustable.
6. dark brown as the base of the bag, dirt might not be seen easily.
7. An opened pocket available inside the bag.
8. 14cm long YKK ball drop metal zip in good quality inside the bag too.

Wax string and eyelets:

Label sew in front of the bag:

Brown color adjustable PU leather sling handle:

Every hooks are in bronze in color, very vintage feeling:

An opened big pockets inside the bag:

14cm long YKK balldrop zip in excellent quality:

Made by beautiful linen cotton, which in purple and brownish.
Measurement: around 30cm x 29cm x 11cm
Price: please email to
         Or call/message to 017-9666823
         Or leave me a message in

This is One and Only, do not miss it if you like it!

Please contact Bebe if you have any inquiries about it.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Colorful Vintage Tote Bag 2

Status: SOLD OUT

This is the rest of the fabrics of my previous bag:

Still, love the colors, love the textures, and love the result! :)
This is actually only ONE bag with 2 different pieces of fabrics.
One side is very soft colors (upper photo) and the other side is more vivid colors (lower photo) which i extra add 2 pockets.

1. made by excellent quality of stabilizer.
2. fully interfacing.
3. 1 Ykk ball drop zip (nice quality) 20cm long as inner pocket.
4. 2 opened big pockets
5. Large storage
6. Nice quality of adjustable PU leather handle.
7. Magnet button in bronze color.
8. Dark brown color linen fabrics as the lowest part of the bag, dirt might not be seen easily.
9. 2 extra big pockets available on one of the surfaces of the bag.

Made by cotton linen.
Measurement: around 26cm x 32cm x11cm
Price: please email to message/call to 017-9666823

This is only ONE available, please contact me if you have any inquiries:
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Multi Uses Hand Clutch

Status: SOLD OUT
Clutches are back!
Bebe do try something new one this time, the bag lock! 

very vintage feeling! Oh My God i love everyone of them!




Made by linen cotton fabrics, and use only premium quality of stabilizer, batting (span) and others material as well like vintage bag lock and hanger etc.
Measurement: around 22cm x 17cm x 6cm

You can put wallet, mobile phone and even a digital camera inside if you are going out and not wish to carry a bulky bag, this pouch is made because of that.

 If you have any inquiries, please contact me via:
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2nd Restock (April) to Sweet Home Boutique Cafe

Hi guys!

Bebe sent some restocks to Sweet Home Boutique again, because i noticed that some of the bags like hand clutch is really popular among all of us, therefore, here are some handmade that i sent there.
For those who missed the chance to adopt Bebe Handmade, please grab your chances! Visit Sweet Home Boutique today!

Key pouches:

Large Zip Pouches:

Zip pouches with straps:

Multi Uses Hand Clutch with bag lock:

Multi uses Hand Clutch with leather Magnet button:

Not much to be send there as Bebe is quite busy this month ( for preparing my very own big day, hohoho). I hope each one of them meet their owner very soon and love it!

Breaking news!
Sweet Home Boutique Cafe is having their very own Author Earth Market on 22/4/2012 !
Please come to show your supports! Love the earth, love the life!
Shows your love to our mother nature and remember, bring your own plastic bags! (and camera as well, because i bet everyone should be having fun!)
Bebe will not be joining this bazaar personally, but i will support them mentally!
Fro those who are looking for handmade stuffs, 2nd hand stuffs, remember! it starts at 11.30am to 21.30pm! :)
For more information, please visit:

Have fun everyone!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paris Series Passport Holders


Passport holders are back! with stunning landmark of Paris, everyone favorite Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame!
Do check them out!

Lets have a closer look for the La Tour Eiffel:

Coffee brown PU Leather Snap Button:

This is the inner view, total 6 slots available, and matches with purple polka dots:

Lets have a closer look for the Notre Dame De Paris:

Brown color PU Leather snap button:

This is the inner view, 6 slots available, matches with blue lining fabrics:

Use only excellent quality of stabilizer and batting to hold the shape.
Measurement:10.5cm x 16cm

Only 2 available, please contact bebe if you have further inquiries:
or FaceBook Me!