Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ballet de Cour Tote Bag

Status: SOLD OUT

A very classic piece of fabric, printed with girls that dancing ballet, the overall looks is just so classic and vintage!

1. excellent quality of stabilizer.
2. fully interfacing.
3. A 15cm long YKK balldrop zip.
4. 2 opened big pockets inside the bag.
5. Hand stitch PU Leather Handle
6. Pure plain black linen as the base of the bag, dirt might not be seen easily.
7. Bronze magnet button.
9. Bronze "handmade" plate.

hand stitch PU Leather Handle

YKK balldrop zip

Label that sew inside the bag

2 opened big pockets inside the bag

Bronze "handmade" plate

Measurement: 37cm x 29.5cm x 12 cm
Price: please email to
         message/call to 017-9666823

Front view:

 Back View

Inner View:

This is One and Only! Let me know if you are interested!

Have a nice day~

Vintage Flowers Hand Carry Bag

Status: SOLD OUT

Hello Hello~
February is a very "big" month for me as i only realize that i had made many bags.
This is not a tote bag, but i dont really know what to call, so, i think handbag it is.

1. Premium quality of stabilizer.
2. Fully interfacing.
3. 15cm long YKK ball drop zip pocket inside the bag.
4. 1 big front pocket in front of the bag.
5. 1 open pocket inside the bag.
6. PU adjustable leather handle.
7. Bronze color magnet button to secure the bag.
8. Big strap lace and leather piece as decorations, very feminine and lady feeling!

 Adjustable PU leather handle:

This is how it looks like inside the bag:

Made by linen cotton fabric, which is all printed in flowers! I do actually love it very very much!
Here is the close up photos of the actually fabric.

The Lace straps and the leather piece as decorations:

Measurement: around 3ocm x 21cm x 8cm
This bag is actually in round shape than normal tote bag, so please check the measurement carefully before you proceed to the next step :)

Price: email me at
           call/ message me at 017-9666823

Here is the front, side and back view of the bag.

This is one and only! and will not remade again, please contact Bebe if you are interested:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet Ipad 2 Pouches

Status: SOLD OUT

Its been a very long time that Bebe made Ipad pouch and place them in my blog, previously only made it for placing them sell at Sweet Home Boutique Cafe, Penang.
So, Bebe decided to made some Ipad pouch and sharing with you all in my blog, for those who are looking for sweet Ipad pouch, tada~here they are!

Only 2 colors available:

The front and back view :

 This is the label that sew behind the pouch:

(I actually do like this very much as the pattern of the fabrics are just to cute!)

The front and back view:

This is the label that sew behind the pouch

Measurement: around 27cm x 21.5cm

Made by linen cotton fabric, quality stabilizer, and extra thick batting/ span inside to protect your lovely Ipad!

Lets style your Ipad with this lovely and sweet pouch!

If you have any inquiries, please contact Bebe by:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Washable Craft Paper Key Pouch

Status: SOLD OUT

Bebe is once again falling in love with washable craft paper, because it is really vintage feeling, it looks just like paper! But it is washable! Amazing rite?

For those who still dint know what is washable craft paper, i am actually get some new facts about it after searching internet. It says that washable craft paper is a type pf paper, of cause it can be wash many times without affecting the look or durability! It is just like the label on our jeans and leather!

Bebe made 2 key pouches using this amazing paper:

This is how it looks like inside:


This is how it looks like inside:

You can hang up to 4 keys inside a pouch! Bebe special added a chain hooks with pendant that allow you to hang it with your bags! For Brown color, the pendant is casset module and the Red color one is Eiffel tower module.

Made by washable craft paper and linen cotton that already stabilized as the inner part, bronze in color keys hangers, chains, and also pendants. Korean Iron On stickers available in the front of pouches.
Measurement: around 12cm x 5.5cm

The only different of them are only the linen cotton fabrics inside and the pendants.
Bebe is welcome you to contact Bebe if you have any questions about them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February Restock To Sweet Home Boutique Cafe

Hi guys!

Bebe sent some restocks items to Sweet Home Boutique Cafe!

For those who hasn't figure out what is it, please LIKE them at facebook :
Sweet Home Boutique Cafe

(many thanks to Sweet Home as capturing nicely photos )
Camera pouches, long wallets, passport holders, small clutches are now all available at Sweet Home Boutique Cafe!
Remember to visit and drop us a HI!

Have a nice day everyone~


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Navy Anchor Sign Long Wallet

Status: SOLD OUT

Long wallet is here again!
I sent 2 long wallets to Sweet Home Boutique Cafe, Times Square Penang last weeks, guess them havent capture any photos of them yet. For those who cant wait, here is another one long wallet that available in my hand now.

1. made by linen cotton fabrics with tiffany green color.
2. use only excellent quality of stabilizer and batting on to hold the shape of wallet.
3. 8 cards slots available.
4. 1 cash slot.
5. 15cm long YKK balldrop zip as coin purse.
6. PU leather snap button.

Inner view:

Here are the details photo of PU snap button:

(cards that shown in the photo are only illustration purpose)

Measurement: 20cm x 10cm (folded)

Love the combinations of this lovely fabrics? Bring it home!

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Bebe: