Sunday, January 29, 2012

VIntage Zakka Handphone Pouch

Status: Cherry with brown polka dots SOLD OUT
             Jeans blue SOLD OUT
             Brown Cranberries SOLD OUT

There are very vintage, and zakka feel.
Made by linen cotton and denim fabrics (out looking), inner part made by cotton to protect your mobile from scratches.
Even there are small pouch, but i do add some batting / span as a comfort protection for your mobile.
PU leather snap button is stitch on the top to protect your mobile from slip out from the pouch.

Cherry with brown polka dots:

Jeans Blue:

Brown Cranberries

Each of them are one and only, the printed patterns are only 3 available in a big piece of fabric, it means it will not be repeated in future.

Front view:
Brown Cranberries(left)
Blue Denim (Center)
Cherry with brown polka dots (right)

Back view:

Measurement: 9cm x 13cm x 1.5cm
Not only fits Iphone but Samsung, perhaps HTC can fit as well, as long as the mobile size is not bigger than the pouch size.

Please leave me a message if you have any inquiries, Bebe will approach back to you shortly.
Enjoy your lovely day!

Vintage Newspaper Sling Bag

Status: SOLD OUT

Hello Hello! Bebe is Back, Finally!! hehehe...
I made this sling bag first time ever! So happy that i did it with the tutorial books.
Hope that everyone of you enjoy it!

Made by very vintage feeling linen cotton fabrics, which printed in newspaper pattern, with my favorite easy match of brown color linen fabric.

1) Fully interfacing with excellent quality of stabilizer.
2) 1 big open pocket
3) 1 premium 15cm long YKK balldrop zip pocket.
4) 2 front pockets.
5) PU leather adjustable sling handle with around 119cm to 129cm long.
6) 2 leather snap buttons.

front pockets:

15cm zip inside:

handmade label sew behind the bag :

inner view:

It is quite big actually, you can put anything inside like handphone, wallet, tissue, small journal even novels!
Bring it out when you are travel!

Measurement : 25cm (long) x 20.5cm (height) x 8cm (weight)


One and only, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested!

Bebe Handmade Store,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mini Dolls Key Chains

Status: SOLD OUT

Hello guys~ i suppose to work on larger projects but i sent my sewing machine to maintenance at the service center. In stead of doing nothing and wasted my time, so i decided hand sewing on this cute little key chains! Yes, there are only 3 available, so take a chance to look closer on them and bring them home if you love them!

Two in pink color, which is in white base and pink base, the other one is light purple in color!
Well lets take a closer look on them:

Pink in white base:

Pink in pink polka dots and strawberry:

Light Purple :

They are key chains, with the bronze color hooks on the top of their head.
You can use them to hang almost anything! like car keys, home keys, even as a decoration chains to your handbag or backpack!

Materials: Linen Cotton, hair made by threads, face expression are painted by acrylic paint.
Measurement: only 12 cm height.
Price: RM20.00 each

There are only 3 available for now, if you like them, please let me know :)
You can always contact Bebe by:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Restock Items to Sweet Home Boutique Cafe, Penang.

Hi guys~
Bebe had sent some newly restock items to Sweet Home Boutique Cafe at Penang!
For those who hasn't figure out what is it, please LIKE them at facebook :
Sweet Home Boutique Cafe

Here are the sneak peak:
(many thanks to Sweet Home Boutique Cafe for capturing nice and beautiful photos)

Ipad Pouch

Camera Pouch

Long wallet

key pouch

phone pouch
Please visit them soon!
for those who already purchase and view Bebe items, Bebe would love to say a big Thank you!

With love,
Bebe Handmade Store

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Antique House Handmade Tote Bag

Status: SOLD OUT

Bebe is proud to announce that : Tote Bag is here!!

Bebe bought a piece of very zakka and antique feel fabric from Fabric Fanatics !
The prints are large, the only thing i think about to made is Tote bag, everyone loves tote bag rite? Who doesnt?
It is large and useful! The best part is, you can put anything inside!

This fabrics comes in different prints, so i made it 2 different looks, there are not front view and no back view. You can switch to any view you like!

Measurement: around 38cm(long) x 30cm(height) x10cm (weight)
The lower part of the bag is made with dark brown cotton linen, dirt are not be seen easily! bonus~!

Features :
1. Made by cotton linen fabric
2. excellent quality of strong bond stabilizer (protects the shape of bag)
3. PU leather handle
4. bronze color pendant, which is very antique and vintage feel
5. 2 opened pockets inside
6. 1 zip (20cm long with leather zipper head)
7. bronze color magnet button

Price: please email me.

 Zip inside:

 2 opened pockets:

If you like it, Dont miss it! One and Only~

If you needed any assistants or having any inquiries, please contact Bebe by:
Or leave me at Facebook~

Vintage Coffee Maker Long Wallet

Status: SOLD OUT

Hi guys~
Sorry for keeping you waiting so long for new coming products, Bebe is quite busy with other works.
But don't be worry, because Bebe will still arrange some times to Handmade! yeah~!

First time challenge handmade wallet, the most difficult part for me is the bias tape part, it has to be super neat!

Front view:

Measurement: 20cmx10cm (folded)
Material: linen cotton fabric, with excellent quality of batting and stabilizer, and also YKK balldrop zip.
Inner view:

1. 6 card slots
2. 1 cash slot
3. 1 coin purse (with 15cm long zip)
4. PU leather strap snap button

( all cards are only for illustration purpose)
Back view:

One and Only long wallet! Bring it home if you like :)

If you need any assistants or having any enquiries, you can always contact Bebe by:

Bebe Handmade Store at Sweet Home Boutique Cafe!

Hi guys~

To all Bebe's Handmade supporters, Bebe is proud to announce that you can now purchase Bebe Handmade items at Sweet Home Boutique Cafe that located at Times Square Penang!

Sweet home boutique cafe is a unique Boutique and Cafe. They are located at 77-G-50 , Penang Times Square. For those who loves to have a relaxing tea time, cakes or deserts, or for those who looking for arts and lifestyle collection, here is the place that you MUST visit!

For further inquiries, you can always get the latest information on their facebook page:

Dont miss out!
Come to visit us and say Hi :)

With love,