Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little Flora Make Up Pouch

Status: SOLD OUT

Sweet and very lovely make up pouch are here!
The pattern of this pouch is slightly different with the previous and normal zip pouch, the overall feeling is very "ladies" feel.

You can use it as make up pouch, pencils pouch, hand clutch or whatever you need! What i try to mean is you can put anything inside it!



Bebe tried something new on these pouch using leather straps, even just a small straps with the label sew on it, it really gives me a different feeling after seeing the out coming result, not bad rite?

Materials: Yuwa wash linen cotton with excellent stabilizer and batting, good quality of  YKK ball drop zip, leather straps with labels sew on it.
Measurement : 24cm (long) x 11cm (height) with zip 20cm long.

Only 2 colors are available!

Kindly contact Bebe if you have any questions about them :

Camera Pouches

Status: SOLD OUT

Camera pouches are back! check them out~
These are actually same as previous one, but before that Bebe used polka dots fabrics, this time, Bebe changed to lining fabrics which come in 4 different colors, there are red, brown, blue, and pink.

Hand straps are included with all time favorite bronze in color pendants. It is very "zakka" feel.





This type of pouches do have a small front pocket for easy storage small items like memory cards. Actually if you do not want to use them to store your digital camera its fine, because you also can use it to put your phone, money, Identity Card, Licenses and etc. Take it out when you going out for tea~! :)

This is the back view of them:
Using lining fabrics at the back so that if dirt occurs it will not easily been seen, bonus!

Materials: Linen cotton, excellent quality of stabilizer(to hold your pouches in shape) and batting, bronze in color pendants, snap buttons and also hanger chains, labels are all sew behind the back.
Measurement: 13cm x 11cm x 3cm
Price: RM 45.00

Please feel free to contact Bebe if you have any questions about them:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Key Pouches

Are you looking a home sweet home key pouches for your house keys?
Or are you looking something meaningful to send as an gifts to the people you care?

Bebe proudly introduce this key pouches to you! come have a look :)



Purple (left) :
Red (right) :

Materials: linen cotton, excellent double stabilizer to  hold the key pouch shape, thick batting, key holders (with 4 hooks) , bronze color snap button and also linen label.
Measurement: 12cm x 6cm

Below are the closer and more detail look on the key hooks:

There are only 5 colors available, grab one now!

Feeling interested?
Bebe welcome you to contact Bebe by:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Eiffel Tower Zip Pouch


Bebe made 2 lovely zip pouch using lovely Eiffel Tower linen cotton fabrics, there come in 2 very zakka feel colors, red and blue.

This kind of pouch is classic pouch that we use as pencils pouch and make up pouch too. You can put many things inside as the spacing inside are quite large.



Both fabrics base color is darker plain linen cotton color, dirt might not be seen easily.
Material: Linen cotton fabric, cotton tape as decorations, excellent quality of YKK ball drop pattern zip and batting  inside.
Measurement: 20cm x 12.5cm x 3.5cm

If you interested in, please contact Bebe via:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Xmas Special - Snowman Keychains


Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way~
Xmas is around the corner! Bebe love Xmas because everything is so colorful!
Do you thinking what to buy and send them as a memorable gift for the one you care?
Well, it is Xmas! of cause something that are related with it rite?
Bebe made 4 cute little snowman as keychains~

They are actually can gift as couples set:
Set 1

Set 2
It is fine too if you wanna buy one not couples :)
Material: Linen cotton, lace, with hook on head that use as keychains decorations.
Measurement: around 8cm height

The hook are actually like this:
Except for the eyes and nose are paint by acyclic colors, their happily smiling mouth is sew by thread and needle with blushing cheeks.

If you wish to send these beautiful cute little snowman as gift, please contact Bebe: