Thursday, September 29, 2011

Camera Pouches

Camera Pouches

Status: SOLD OUT

Hi there~ before Bebe end up my September month, these should be the last project that i finish before i start my new October, camera pouches.

There are total 4 colours available, Red, Purple, Brown, and also Blue.
Each of them are very vintage and zakka feel, and Bebe do add on some zakka chains beside the strips to make them look more vintage.





Same as previously, this type of pouches do have a small front pocket for easy storage small items like memory cards. Actually if you do not want to use them to store your digital camera its fine, because you also can use it to put your phone, money, Identity Card, Licenses and etc. Take it out when you going out for tea~! :)

The measurement of these beloved pouches are:
13cm x 11cm x 3cm
It might be small for you, but it is very useful and compact :)
Materials: Cotton linen fabrics (which my all time favorite)
Cotton (inside)

Bebe hope that you love them, please let me know if you are interested :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ipad 2 Pouches

Ipad 2 pouches

Status: SOLD OUT

Hi~ i made my promise to handmade some ipad2 pouches long time ago, sorry for keep you waiting, im just too much things to be done lately :)

Bebe made 2 colours this round, they are purple and light blue. Both of these colours are very "zakka" vintage feel, you can view those photos and see it.

Bebe added extra span on the back to protect your lovely ipad2, even so, it still can fits your ipad2 perfectly with cover like i show on mine .

Extra pocket in front of the pouches, allowing you store your phone, wallet/purse, and even some small note books that you might carry all around with you :)

Labels are sew on the backward of pouches, added a little bit sense of style i think :)
Bebe do use the better quality of cotton inside the ipad2 pouches, softness of the cotton will not scratch your ipad2.

Light Blue:

The measurement of these two lovely ipad2 pouches are :
28cm x 22.5cm x 2cm (span )
Each Ipad2 pouch only available in one colour :)

Any inquiries, please feel free to contact bebe via:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet Home For Keys

Sweet Home For Keys


As I promise before, Bebe made others 5 key pouches this time. The red and pink colour that show previously already sold out. These round, colours are more zakka feel and like oldies (old school feeling) because most of them colours are not so vibrant, Bebe think this is good also because the dirt is not been seen easily :)

The idea is coming in a handmade tutorial book. There are not as big as you think, tiny pouches let your keys sleep well inside, the measurement are only 12cm tall and 6.5cm width. :)

There are 5 colours this time:
E)light brown.

Each of them have their own beauty, so choose whatever which one you love the most that suit your style :)

If you do have ant questions, please feel free to email :

If you do need a fast reply, you can contact Bebe at
017-9666823 via voice call or sms.

1st batch : SOLD OUT

Saturday, September 3, 2011

多功能面纸包 tissue pouches

多功能面纸包 tissue pouches



This one is actually different with previous one, honestly, i love this one more~!
haha, because this one have pockets inside~! (the pocket inside this cover is actually use to put other things that except tissue, for me, it is work best in putting the sanitary pad or oil blotting paper, so this is the bonus *wink* )

There are bigger than the previous type of tissue cover, the measurement is about 10.2cmx13.5cm (close), 20.5cmx13.5cm (open) .

Bebe made total of 5 tissue covers this time, all are in brownish colour with newspaper prints, it is very Zakka feel :)


Price : RM18.00
Welcome you to leave me a message via: