Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet Home For Keys

Sweet Home For Keys


As I promise before, Bebe made others 5 key pouches this time. The red and pink colour that show previously already sold out. These round, colours are more zakka feel and like oldies (old school feeling) because most of them colours are not so vibrant, Bebe think this is good also because the dirt is not been seen easily :)

The idea is coming in a handmade tutorial book. There are not as big as you think, tiny pouches let your keys sleep well inside, the measurement are only 12cm tall and 6.5cm width. :)

There are 5 colours this time:
E)light brown.

Each of them have their own beauty, so choose whatever which one you love the most that suit your style :)

If you do have ant questions, please feel free to email :

If you do need a fast reply, you can contact Bebe at
017-9666823 via voice call or sms.

1st batch : SOLD OUT

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