Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Pouch for my new Ipad

New Pouch for my new Ipad

This is the project that i did today, before i go to my vacation, and like my expectation, it takes me whole day time to finish it >_<" (can become ninja turtle already), guess what, measurement problem again~!!aiya~! I had wasted some of my nice fabrics and iron on blatting too, so sad, but after i see the result, i guess it is worth it.
This is my new Pinky~! love the meow meow fabric (thanks to fabric fanatics) that bought from long long time ago. Rushing to made this pouch because i dint buy any front cover for my ipad, so i think i better made a pouch to cover it from front to back, hehehe, and i do add extra span inside!! double the protection!! Normally i only using 1 layer of span when doing pouches, but i really want my ipad sleep comfortably inside so this time i double it up, i guess if it fell down accidentally, my pad will be all rite :)

Here she is, my pinky.

 Pinky fits my ipad perfectly, she can sleep tight inside =D

  Add an iron on Korean sticker on the cover too.

Giving her the name Pinky~! because she is really pink from outside to inside!!
Oh ya, in front of the pouch, i do add a pocket there. I always taking my Ipad whenever i go (surf internet, facebook, and playing games especially Angry Birds) , so having this pouch really easy for me..hehhe..because i can put my iphone and purse inside the pocket ehehehhe!! So i no need taking too many things when im going out~

Guess what , i will try to do more Ipad pouches after im coming back from my holidays~hurray~
(This pouch is not for sell, use personally)

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