Monday, August 29, 2011

I ♥ Phone Pouches


hi everyone~
These are the phone pouches that i made last 2 weeks.
I am actually made 4, sweet pink, hot cherry red, cuteness brown, and purple teddy princess. The purple teddy princess already sold out guys, so here are the 3 that still available now. Same with the previous one, the only changes are the strips that added beside.

The measurement is around12.5cm tall and 7.5cm width. Im actually using Iphone measurement to made it, but it is not only can use with Iphone, other phones that smaller or same size with Iphone will be fine with it :) So, take a ruler, and make a measurement see it fits or not~^^
(ps: Iphone 4 user can skip this steps as these pouches can fit perfectly with yours ♥)

There are all ready stocks for now, so if you are looking something sweet, you can choose the sweet pink colour, if you are looking something sharp in colour, you can go to the Hot cherry Red, and If you are looking something more zakka feel, always go to the cuteness Brown :)

1. Sweet Pink

 2. Hot Chery Red

3. Cuteness Brown

4. Red Vase

If you do have any questions, please feel free to email :
If you do need a fast reply, you can contact Bebe at 017-9666823 via voice call or sms.

Have a nice day everyone~

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