Monday, August 29, 2011

I ♥ Phone Pouches


hi everyone~
These are the phone pouches that i made last 2 weeks.
I am actually made 4, sweet pink, hot cherry red, cuteness brown, and purple teddy princess. The purple teddy princess already sold out guys, so here are the 3 that still available now. Same with the previous one, the only changes are the strips that added beside.

The measurement is around12.5cm tall and 7.5cm width. Im actually using Iphone measurement to made it, but it is not only can use with Iphone, other phones that smaller or same size with Iphone will be fine with it :) So, take a ruler, and make a measurement see it fits or not~^^
(ps: Iphone 4 user can skip this steps as these pouches can fit perfectly with yours ♥)

There are all ready stocks for now, so if you are looking something sweet, you can choose the sweet pink colour, if you are looking something sharp in colour, you can go to the Hot cherry Red, and If you are looking something more zakka feel, always go to the cuteness Brown :)

1. Sweet Pink

 2. Hot Chery Red

3. Cuteness Brown

4. Red Vase

If you do have any questions, please feel free to email :
If you do need a fast reply, you can contact Bebe at 017-9666823 via voice call or sms.

Have a nice day everyone~

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Pouch for my new Ipad

New Pouch for my new Ipad

This is the project that i did today, before i go to my vacation, and like my expectation, it takes me whole day time to finish it >_<" (can become ninja turtle already), guess what, measurement problem again~!!aiya~! I had wasted some of my nice fabrics and iron on blatting too, so sad, but after i see the result, i guess it is worth it.
This is my new Pinky~! love the meow meow fabric (thanks to fabric fanatics) that bought from long long time ago. Rushing to made this pouch because i dint buy any front cover for my ipad, so i think i better made a pouch to cover it from front to back, hehehe, and i do add extra span inside!! double the protection!! Normally i only using 1 layer of span when doing pouches, but i really want my ipad sleep comfortably inside so this time i double it up, i guess if it fell down accidentally, my pad will be all rite :)

Here she is, my pinky.

 Pinky fits my ipad perfectly, she can sleep tight inside =D

  Add an iron on Korean sticker on the cover too.

Giving her the name Pinky~! because she is really pink from outside to inside!!
Oh ya, in front of the pouch, i do add a pocket there. I always taking my Ipad whenever i go (surf internet, facebook, and playing games especially Angry Birds) , so having this pouch really easy for me..hehhe..because i can put my iphone and purse inside the pocket ehehehhe!! So i no need taking too many things when im going out~

Guess what , i will try to do more Ipad pouches after im coming back from my holidays~hurray~
(This pouch is not for sell, use personally)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Iphone 4 pouches

Well, this is it, da na~~ the iphone 4 pouches that i wanted to made it for so so so so long ago, and finally, here there are.

I've wasted so many fabrics because of making these because this is the first time i actually making a pouch. I guess im still cannot figure it out well about the process, measurements, and bla bla bla...

The idea is actually coming from a handcraft tutorial book, that i bought from Kinokuniya Bookstore KLCC last 2 weeks, and i did add some laces on it, cause i think it makes my pouches looks more girly, and extra iron on batting to make that pouch more comfortable when your iphone sleeping inside, and this round i also do add my favorite! the Korea Iron On stickers 烫画, it is really so convenience and easy to use as well~!

Hm, i think the result not bad rite? i mean, this is the first time making pouch, do give newbie a chance to learn lar please..hahah.. I made only 2 this round, because i still got a lot orders that pending to be done, i guess next round should be Ipad pouch..ekekeke..

Any questions?
you can leave a message for me in facebook, or if u do need fast reply, you can drop me a call or message via 017-9666823

Have a nice day ahead~ ^^