Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something extra....Iphone mat

I was suppose to start my new project again, which i havent figure out what i should do first, because there are really so much in my head! So while keep waiting my fabrics to be delivered, i simply made a mat. Idea is coming from internet, people actually made it to place their hot pot for kitchen use.

This isnt a floor mat, because it was really really small piece of it, only around 20cmx15cm. Im planning to using it as my phone mat!If u are know me well, you should know i am a person that really taking good care of my stuffs, my phone, my professional camera, my laptop, my ipad ( still waiting ) and bla bla bla... So i decided to made a mat for my Iphone first.

I dint made a pouch for her yet (future will do), this mat is specially made for my phone when i dint put it inside any pouches, and on the table because i don't wanna make any scratches on my Iphone cover as well ( i don't wanna hurt  my super duper cute doggy cover) And i tried something new! it was the iron-on sticker 烫画 that i bought last month! There are easy to use as well! Big love <3

My cute Iphone cover

This is the Iron-On sticker on fabric~! easy to use and result are very good~! You can always place them everywhere~!

 Still, using my favorite Linen cotton fabric to made it, and i do add extra thick iron on batting inside the mat, it was a like comfortable cushion for my Iphone! hahahhaa........

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